Podcast on CICS: Terminal Talk
Terminal Talk
I was interviewed for Terminal Talk with Mark Cocker, talking about CICS.
IBM CICS Asynchronous API: Concurrent Processing Made Simple
IBM Redbooks
I co-authored an IBM Redbook on the CICS Asynchronous API.
Scripting with z/OS Provisioning Toolkit: Removing Old Containers
IBM Developer
I wrote a script to be able to remove all z/OS PT containers in the system older than x days. This can then be scheduled to run every night, to ensure developers don’t leave their CICS regions (or any other container contents) sat around unnecessarily.
IBM CICS Asynchronous API Allows for More Natural Program Creation
IBM Systems Magazine
A magazine article on the new CICS Asynchronous API that I helped design and develop.
Using Microservices on z Systems With CICS Improves Flexibility and Reliability
IBM Systems Magazine
I wrote an article describing ideas for employing microservice architectural patterns on IBM Z.
IBM Systems Master Inventors Driving Innovation for 2017
IBM IT Infrastructure Blog
I was featured in an article with other new IBM Master Inventors.
Podcast: CICS TS V5.4 open beta – CICS microservices
IBM Developer
I was interviewed on the Did you Say Mainframe? podcast.
How to use the CICS Asynchronous API Commands
IBM Developer
I wrote an article on the CICS Asynchronous API, demonstrating the passing of information from a parent to a child program.
IBM CICS Team Finds Success by Hiring Young People Eager to Solve Problems
IBM Systems Magazine
I was featured in an article on what the IBM CICS team is doing to hire and train younger folks on mainfarme systems. Check it out!

Older Articles

Discovering CICS Web Services with IBM API Management
This article describes how to set up and run a service discovery application, which can be used to advertise CICS web services (composed of WSDL and WSBind file pairs) to IBM API Management.
IBM WebSphere Appliance Management Center for WebSphere Appliances
I co-authored an IBM Redbook on WebSphere Appliance Management Center.
Quick Man Page Lookup
A shell function to quickly look up options in man pages.
Send reddit Saved Links to Pinboard
A simple script that transfers saved links on reddit to your Pinboard account.
Notes on My Backup Strategy: The Voldemort Approach
A short article about my backup ideas and workflow.
Simple Python Completion Source for Auto-Complete
Dynamically complete symbols in Python buffers in Emacs.
Horcrux: A Wrapper for Duplicity
Backup to different devices with common settings easily and quickly.
How to Backup Your Pinboard Bookmarks
A simple shell script to copy your Pinboard bookmarks to your local machine for backup.
How to Backup Your Instapaper Links
A simple shell script to copy your Instapaper links to your local machine for backup.
Wordpress Breadcrumbs
‘Breadcrumbs’ menu, written in PhP. Works out of the box with Wordpress.
CSS Hacks
Old CSS hacks, kept here for prosperity.
DOM Image Rollover
Simple image rollover script, with no JavaScript knowledge required.
Introduction to CSS
An introduction to CSS.