I’m Chris Poole, a Principal Engineer in Fastly’s Developer Relations team. Previously I was an IBM Developer Advocate, and Master Inventor. Outside, among other things, I study Katori Shinto Ryu.

I have a healthy interest in computer security (crypto, etc.), and Kubernetes and container technologies. Prior to this role I developed:

At last count I’m named on 36 issued patents worldwide, with more having been filed. Prior to joining IBM I completed a PhD in Theoretical Physics, studying the electronic and transport properties of graphene.


The site is static HTML, built using Jekyll. I have a Digital Ocean virtual server to host it. Most of the pages are written in Markdown, with some Liquid and SCSS for the generation, as Jekyll allows. Nginx is my web server of choice, with TLS managed by Let’s Encrypt.

The nice social media icons are from Laura Reen.